The name Constanz™ is of Latin origin meaning “Perseverance”. In our lifetimes we've all experienced periods of great struggle, overcome adversities, and loved unconditionally. This road of discovery not only made us stronger but it helped define our character as well. The common element awakened on this journey is perseverance and the symbol of that strength is Constanz™

Things we wear often have a personal story, or an emotional element, intertwined with a specific event or moment in time. It's my hope that the true meaning behind Constanz™ will immediately guide your thoughts beyond the surface, to the emotions that stir the spirit, and revive our purpose. Regardless of our age, race, or religion, on this journey we will all experience moments of joy, pain, love, and triumph. My goal is not only to provide a superior product but to establish a brand that symbolizes some of life's significant milestones. These experiences define who we are, how we live and to what extent we dream.

Constanz™………….. the Alpha, the Omega and the Journey within







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Constanz™ is untouchable and physically invisible, not created from matter as we know it. It’s an emotion derived from the depths of the human spirit; a symbol of our road of discovery and the struggles, pain, conflict and heartache therein. It’s the path of greatest resistance; the road less traveled and the desire to see it through. When we’ve given our all, it’s the spark within our soul that ignites the strength to overcome.

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