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Please provide any feedback that you feel may help improve your experience with Constanz. My journey in developing the Constanz brand has been influenced by many people and experiences, along with the highs and lows of everyday life. We all have a story or moment in life that changes who we are forever. Hopefully we at Constanz can provide you with a symbol of your journey or that moment in time when your life changed from that point on. If you feel inclined to share your story, we'd enjoy hearing how you relate to our message.

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Constanz™ is untouchable and physically invisible, not created from matter as we know it. It’s an emotion derived from the depths of the human spirit; a symbol of our road of discovery and the struggles, pain, conflict and heartache therein. It’s the path of greatest resistance; the road less traveled and the desire to see it through. When we’ve given our all, it’s the spark within our soul that ignites the strength to overcome.

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